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Check Your Vendor

When buying Lamination Tooling, be sure to choose a world class manufacturer to ensure that the tooling is made in specification, and is engineered and guaranteed to work for you.


Be sure the vendor you select:

1. Has been building quality tooling for a minimum of 10 years.

2. Has a broad range of customer references; experience with small shops and large multinational corporations. Vendor should provide references for you to contact and check claims of quality, delivery and warranty.

3. Has built proprietary designs using established industry standard specifications. These designs and specifications should be used for pins and bushings as well as plate tolerances.

4. Is capable of providing knowledgeable, accurate design and engineering help to customers. This customer service should be based on many years of actual experience working with PCB manufacturers to establish cost-effective uniform standards.

5. Is innovative in providing new products and design suggestions to help their customers save time and money.

6. Is capable of auditing customer processes and providing workable solutions to maximize success and minimize waste.

7. Makes in-house quality checks and reviews all raw materials.

8. Warrants their work will meet all published specifications, and that the tooling is built to the required specifications.


  • Design proposal that meets your company's specifications.
  • Certificate of Compliance with each order that includes metal alloy, hardness and calibration of machining equipment.
  • Machine report on coordinate measurements for each specific panel size within the Lamination Plate order.
  • Engineering file kept on each customer order which contains alloy certificate, heat treat certificate, heat treat lot number, coordinates measurement report and customer drawings. All files and certificates are traceable to MIL standards.
  • Acceptable and dependable delivery times.
  • Willing to provide samples of pins and bushings for in-house engineering review before vendor approval.
  • Customer list for review and references to be provided on request.
  • If a potential vendor cannot provide these basic requirements, be cautious in relying on them. If specifications and terms advertised do not make sense, they will not work. Do not let hand drawn items on a web site or vague, incomplete "specs" mislead or change your requirements. Ask for pin and bushing samples meeting industry standards for testing before wasting valuable time and money.


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